Cove Parish Party

Cove Parish Party

This summer in Cove Parish we celebrate the significant anniversaries of both of our church buildings, Christ Church’s has its 90th Anniversary and St. John’s Church its 180th Anniversary. So on Sunday 9th June we are having Cove Parish Party to celebrate this DOUBLE Birthday, which will be the center point of our celebrations and fund raising. 

The Bishop of Dorking will be at our 9am and 10:30am services, which will be followed by a fun afternoon with BBQ and family entertainment at Christ Church for everyone in the Parish.

Below you will find copies of the invites which you can use on your social media or send to your friend electronically.

We need some volunteers to help make the day a great success and details of the roles are below.


If you would like to invite your friends and family to join our celebrations please click the image below and then right click on the image to download your own copy to send electronically to your friends and family.

Opportunities to help

We need the following volunteers to help with setup and making the event a success. If you would like to volunteer for any of these roles, please email or call the Parish Office on 01252 371804 or signup using the buttons below.

Saturday Morning Working Party

Please can we have a team of volunteers between 10:00 am and 12 noon to setup for Sunday.

The To-do list for the Saturday includes:-

  • Blocking off the car park
  • Collecting things from St Johns
  • Putting up marquee and gazebos
  • Setup tables needed in Christ Church

We estimate 10 people for a couple of hours to complete the jobs.

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BBQ Chef

We already have 2 amazing chefs for the BBQ and we need another person to help with the BBQ on the Sunday cooking food and helping the other chefs to setup beforehand.

Early Sunday Morning Working Party

On Sunday morning there will be final preparations to be made for the Birthday Party.

The To-do list current contains:-

  • Setting up the stage in the car park
  • Move the BBQs
  • Set-up tables for the BBQ

We estimate we will need 4 people from 8:30 am to 9:30 am

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Early Sunday Morning Bad Weather Team

Early on Sunday morning we will make the final decision if we need to put into place our wet weather plan, so we will need some volunteers to call early on the Sunday morning. We will look to start at 8am to put into place the wet weather plan. 

We estimate we will 10 people to setup for the wet weather plan. 

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We might need to borrow your Gazebo for the event, particularly if the weather is wet. So we would like to know if you have a Gazebo which you could lend us. Please can you let us know the size of it. 

We will let you know more details after you offer your Gazebos.

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